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Thread: ZA 61 737 000 Blocking Windows Update

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    albertf Guest

    Default ZA 61 737 000 Blocking Windows Update

    Hi,System: Desktop PC with Win XP SP2 Home Edn and ZA Pro from the ZA 61 737 000 file I downloaded yesterday.Problem: With Windows Firewall switched off, then Start > Windows Update > opens IE6 which tries to go to the Windows update site but IE6 puts up "Error number 0x80072F76" which Windows Help says means a firewall has blocked IE6 from accessing the relevant Windows Update webpage.Tried: Never happened before with earlier ZA versions, and must be the new ZA Pro doing it because if I switch on Windows own firewall and turn off ZA then IE6 gets straight through to the Windows Update site with no problem at all, but it gets blocked again if I switch back to ZA and turn off the Windows one.Query: Anyone know please if there is anything I should do in the ZAP options (presently all on their install default settings) before I start fiddling around in IE6 and other stuff?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.0

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    Default Re: ZA 61 737 000 Blocking Windows Update

    Make sure your Mobile Code control is turned off when you attempt to update and give Generic Host Process Server Rights in the Trusted Zone and full Access rights.

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    albertf Guest

    Default Re: ZA 61 737 000 Blocking Windows Update

    Hi Chiawaikian,Had a lookat the Mobile Code Control, it's definitely been off all the time,mine is a desktop machine so I've never needed it on, tried it once but it blocked too much stuff.I'm not sure what you mean by the rest of what you said, do you mean that when IE6 gets to theWindows Update site ZA should put up one of its playing card type alert signs that I should check and say ok to?PS:1. Have also just tried the Windows Update link in the Tools menue of IE6 but that gets blocked as well, so I think the actual shortcuts I'm clicking on here must be ok in themsleves.2. The v6 address above is not in IE6 Tools > Internet Options > Security > Trusted Sites > List, it has its https box checked and only four entries in it: *, *,, and I tried to add the v6 address in it but a message came up to say that address is already in another zone, but I've looked in the other three zones and can't see it anywhere in those! Not sure if that's to do with a changeMS made to their update thing a few weeks ago, where if you have Windows and Office when you do an update check it now checks for updates for both lots of software so you don't have to look for updates for them individually, could that have anything to do with it?3. I've also checked my hosts file and as far as I can see the v6 site is not mentioned in that.

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    Ok, I will elaborate more on my instructions.Go to ZoneAlarm > Program Control > Programs and find the entry Generic Host Process from the list. Give it two ticks under Access, and under Server, give it a tick in Trusted.Don't hesitate to ask if you need further help.

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    albertf Guest

    Default Re: ZA 61 737 000 Blocking Windows Update

    Hi Chiawaikian,Had a look, Generic Host Process already had the three ticks in it, complete line reads:Generic Host Process for Win32 Services "System, 3 bright green blocks, tick, tick, tick, cross, cross"If that's what ZA usually sets it to then it's been like that all the time?

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    albertf Guest

    Default Re: ZA 61 737 000 Blocking Windows Update

    PS: By sheer chance I've just had one of MS's periodic "one million and one things you can do with Windows INDOWS INDOWS OINDERan emailf orm MS hd

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    Yes, that is the default.Does ZoneAlarm Pro have a tab called Privacy?(I'm not very familar with ZAP)

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    socalreviews Guest

    Default Re: ZA 61 737 000 Blocking Windows Update

    I don't think "Mobile Code" has anything to do with your computer being a mobile computer or notebook or a desktop. The mobile code refers to scripting, java, active-x or any other program code that is transfered from a web site to your browser or system to enable extra functionality beyond what your browser provides. Good examples would be an active-x based free antivirus scan, java or active-x games, java code for video or animation, etc. The problem is that you open up your system to the installation of program code injected through your browser. You must make sure that this code is safe and from a trusted site. Because of this enhanced security that prevents random malicious injected code the mobile code control in ZAP is one of my favorite features. It is however a major pain sometimes when your favorite "safe" web sites that use mobile code often will not work properly without manually enabling it under the "sites" list in ZAP. However, once you train ZAP and enter your favorite sites to allow mobile code in the sites list those sites should work fine. Windows Updates is finicky about mobile code and it is easier just to disable mobile code control altogether before doing a manual Windows update and renable after you finish the update.

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