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Thread: ZA 61 737 000 Blocking Windows Update

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    navyone Guest

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    Hi albertf....Thanks for your suggestions. I hate to admit it but it would appear that the problems I was having was not with ZASS but was with my system settings.I ended up going to and individually stepping through the procedures one at a time and attempting to connect after each procedure.The second procedure, "Reset Internet zone security", solved my problems.Because of the "buggy" nature of ZASS 6.1.737.000, I automatically assumed it had to be the Security Suite.My "Bad".....this time...

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    albertf Guest

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    Hi NavyOne,Gladto see you're able to sneak updates past the nose of za again. But in regard to za don't forget the first law of trade: As customers we are of course always right no matter how wrong we may be! Albertf.

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    socalreviews Guest

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    I don't think "Mobile Code" has anything to do with your computer being a mobile computer or notebook or a desktop. The mobile code refers to scripting, java, active-x or any other program code that is transfered from a web site to your browser or system to enable extra functionality beyond what your browser provides. Good examples would be an active-x based free antivirus scan, java or active-x games, java code for video or animation, etc. The problem is that you open up your system to the installation of program code injected through your browser. You must make sure that this code is safe and from a trusted site. Because of this enhanced security that prevents random malicious injected code the mobile code control in ZAP is one of my favorite features. It is however a major pain sometimes when your favorite "safe" web sites that use mobile code often will not work properly without manually enabling it under the "sites" list in ZAP. However, once you train ZAP and enter your favorite sites to allow mobile code in the sites list those sites should work fine. Windows Updates is finicky about mobile code and it is easier just to disable mobile code control altogether before doing a manual Windows update and renable after you finish the update.

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