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Thread: True Vector Shutdown

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    justaverage Guest

    Default True Vector Shutdown

    I am running 6.1.737 on W2K Pro and at least 6 times a day the vector service shutsdown. Got a patch for this?

    Operating System:Windows 2000 Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.0

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: True Vector Shutdown

    It is not unusual for True Vector to shutdown once and awhile but 6 times a day is too much. You might get a clue as to what is causing this by looking in your Event Viewer ( Click Start, point to Programs, point to Administrative Tools, and then click Event Viewer.). Look for what happened just before the True Vector shutdown.

    I can suggest a 'clean' uninstall followed by a fresh installation that might fix it. Go into the start menu and the zonelabs entry and right click on the uninstaller and select properties. Now in the target box you must add a space and then /clean to the end so that it looks something like this "C:\Program Files\Zone Labs\ZoneAlarm\zauninst.exe" /clean click apply and then OK. Next open ZA and turn off the load on boot option, then reboot and then run the uninstaller.This should get rid of all of ZoneAlarm. Now go to your windows temp folder and delete everything. Find the folder named Internet logs and delete it then empty your recycle bin.

    If that does not work, contact Zone Labs Technical Support and they should be able to look at True Vector files to identify the cause.

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    crevy Guest

    Default Re: True Vector Shutdown

    I've been having the same problem also. Some other people have said that they reinstalled ZoneAlarm and it didn't fix the problem, so I uninstalled ZA and installed the previous version(6.0.667). So far, I haven't had any problems with True Vector shutting down.crevy

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    socalreviews Guest

    Default Re: True Vector Shutdown

    I got your patch for solving this ZAP 6.1.737 TrueVector spontaneous shutdown error... it's is called ZAP 6.0.667 . Sometimes you have to take one step backwards before you can take two steps forward. I did it and no longer have any problems at all. It's smooth sailing again !

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    narlyman Guest

    Default Re: True Vector Shutdown

    Thanks for the help. but wouldn't you know it...... have been gone all day from the computer and it hasn't shut down since I have left this morning. This is not to say that the problem has gone away but it is rock steady for now. I will check the event viewer when ZA does goes down. I think that the rest of you guys have the right idea and reinstall the previous version. We should be paid to run these Beta's on our computers. Like that is going to happen! Once again many thanks!

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    ultimatedummie Guest

    Default Re: True Vector Shutdown

    Seems like the truevector shutdown has something to do with being idle for long periods of time.At least it's true with mu PC. I did thedownload and cleanuninstall/install recommendedand so far so good, but now I shall throw caution to the wind and leave it on all night (something I haven't done lately because of this problem).Ifit's not fixed, I can almost guaranteetruevector willshut down again by morning. Will let ya'll know what happens.

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    ultimatedummie Guest

    Default Re: True Vector Shutdown

    In case anyone is still wondering, clean uninstall/install got rid of the TrueVector shut down for me even when I left my system idle overnight and beyond. PC = Dell 4500XP Home Version 2002 / SP2Now all I need to do is figure out the ccApp problem Norton 2006 is causing. Grrrrrr

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    socalreviews Guest

    Default Re: True Vector Shutdown

    My complaint with ZAP 6.1.737 is that I was having more problems than just the TrueVector service spontaneous shutdown error. I seemed to have problems with running Firefox 1.07 & 1.5 (although this could have simply been a problem with my ZAP settings after a clean install) and I noticed general system instability with my Windows XP Pro SP2 which caused various other program errors that popped up. Once I uninstalled 6.1.737 and reinstalled 6.0.667 all of these problems magically went away and my computer was working perfectly again with so more errors or problems coming up anymore.

    A few things that I would recommend to anyone wanting to run 6.1.737 or to revert back to 6.0.667 is to to a complete un-install, reboot, then do a clean install. Ideally follow the directions from this forum. Also, you might want to add the your router IP, modem IP (some DSL modems use an IP), and your own computer's IP address to the trusted zone while the rest of your network or local LAN subnet could be in the internet zone.

    Most people may already know this but if you enable Mobile Code Control ON then make sure you add or check the mobile code control box for all your safe and most frequently visited web sites that use mobile controls or you may get many web site errors and page loading problems on your favorite sites. Of course keep mobile code X'ed or blocked for all unknown or questionable sites.

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    abannister Guest

    Default Re: True Vector Shutdown

    Along with what appears to be a lot of other people, the TrueVector shutdown issue has hit me. I too have it occurring overnight and so worry that my machine might be vulnerable for long periods.The common thread of this issue is the option to do a clean install. However, like a number of other people, I have done a number of custom fixes to resolve other problems and perhaps have not been as rigourous in documenting them as I should. I am concerned that a clean install will allow those problem to re-surface and I shall have the grief of resolving them all over again.Is there some sort of halfway house? I suspect that the real benefit of the clean install is in clearing out the registry and other windows related config information. Does anyone know a way of retaining custom settings, whilst clearing the others and allow them to re-establish? Or is that what is supposed to happen with a non-clean install anyway?

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    justaverage Guest

    Default Re: True Vector Shutdown

    I wanted to let everyone know that performing the clean uninstall and reinstall of 6.1.737 worked perfectly for my computer. I haven't received a single shutdown. I highly recommend this procedure.

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