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Thread: ZA message--"ProgramX" wants to access

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    jcimarron Guest

    Default ZA message--"ProgramX" wants to access

    I often get ZoneAlarm messages that such and such a program wants to access This URL is for
    Additional information is -
    Project Redwood ISP (AT&T Internal)
    9805 Scranton Road
    San Diego, CAAnd sometimes access to is ( -
    AT&T WorldNet Services
    200 S. LAUREL AVE.
    MIDDLETOWN, NJ If I look in my Registry, is often tied to in TCP/IP related keys under the name "DHCP Name Server".

    Now this all looks legitimate. And I seem to remember that Comcast (my ISP) has some tie with AT&T, or that AT&T provides services to Comcast.
    But I cannot understand why programs having nothing to do with Comcast or AT&T want access to an AT&T site. I usually just click Deny and nothing seems to be affected.
    A little research on Google suggests others have similar experiences, but the site to which access is wanted is different.Does any one else have this experience or know why this is happening?P.S. Among the programs asking for this access are MS AntiSpyware and Norton AV.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:6.0

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: ZA message--"ProgramX" wants to access

    Like you, I don't think this is anything evil. I too use Comcast and used to use AT&T (attbi) before Comcast bought AT & T here in Atlanta. And Comcast still uses some of their services and servers. It would be my guess that these are DNS server Ip's. Does you Norton AV auto-update ok?

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    jcimarron Guest

    Default Re: ZA message--"ProgramX" wants to access

    BillCherryAtl --thanks for the reply and assurance that all is well!!At first I thought it strange that I was getting all these requests for access to the internet (and to that IP address), but now I think perhaps this is because one of the new versions of ZoneAlarm changed all the settings in Program Control to Prompt, so I must again Allow to occur automatically for each program.Jim

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    jcimarron Guest

    Default Re: ZA message--"ProgramX" wants to access

    Forgot to add that I do not use Norton's autoupdater. I do it manually from time to time. It seems to work fine. In fact I just ran it, got two updates, and without any ZA message. (For virus definition updates, I use Intelligent Updater daily from .)

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    jcimarron Guest

    Default Re: ZA message--"ProgramX" wants to access

    As of today when I looked for DHCP Name Server in the Registry, all the IP addresses had changed to Comcast IP addresses. I guess Comcast finally switched to their own servers.And now I get ZA messages asking to access the new Comcast addresses.

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