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Thread: Security Alerts that make no sense

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    mrludwig Guest

    Default Security Alerts that make no sense

    I periodically get a security alert telling me the firewall has blocked Internet access. What is odd about them is that the More Info takes me to a page telling me that "This might have occurred because a program on your computer tried connect to the Internet before ZoneAlarm Pro was fully started." ZA has been running for a long time....

    In the "What should I do" box, it says: By default, ZoneAlarm Pro is configured to load when you start your computer. For best security, we recommend that you retain this setting. If you continue to receive this alerts of this kind, check to see what other programs are loading at startup.

    These references to "startup" are what concern me, since the computer has been up for quite a while....

    Here are links to the SmartDefense Advisor pages (don't know if they'll work for anyone else):

    I assume this is a bug, but don't know if it could also be due to bad configuration. I'd appreciate any advice. Thanks!

    (Note that the version is actually 6.1; this isn't an option on the pick list.)

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.0

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    jarvis Guest

    Default Re: Security Alerts that make no sense

    The second link refers to a program called IBackground.exe trying to access the internet on port 80 (HTTP) - Apparently this is part of IBackup - do you have this software?

    The first link doesn't mention a program but has a different port - 443 (HTTPS). Are these two separate alerts?

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    mrludwig Guest

    Default Re: Security Alerts that make no sense

    Yes, I believe both alerts derive from the IBackup software. (I know it uses SSL - port 443 - for its data transfer, and based on the timing of the two alerts, I think it's reasonable to assume the two alerts were connected.)

    As an example of what concerns me, the IBackup software runs daily at 3am. Why don't these alerts happen every day?

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