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    vax Guest

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    I recently had an alert from ZAP reporting an outbound block on a packet from lsass.exe to IP address which resolves to Seems odd, anyone else experienced lsass trying to talk to odd web sites. This has only occurred once and I don't have any virus,spyware etc on board.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:5.1

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    ad_hock Guest

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    Hi Vax
    Just to be on the safe side go to and download ewido anti malware. It's one of the best anti tojans along Trojan Hunter and it has 14 days trial full features. After that you can kep it for free as on demand scanner (just loose the real time monitoring). It gets not only trojans but also a lot of malware as spybots,tracking files...Download, update the program and run a full system scan. After that if you are clean w'll see. It's not normal lsass.exe to contact web sites.
    Best regards

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    jimmy_dean Guest

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    The short and sweet about it, LSASS authenticates Winlogon services while ISASS is a trojan.

    Hope this helps, Jim.

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    ad_hock Guest

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    You are right,the most well known is Sasser for unpatched systems. If it is, as I suspect a trojan, ewido will pick it up, specially if the scanning is made in safe mode.
    Best regards

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    vax Guest

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    Thanks guys. I am aware of the sasser worm and the existence of isass.exe and I'm not infected with this particular goody. I am not aware of the Ewido software and have to be particularly cautious about what I load onto my system, so I am currently evaluating it on another machine which is not mission critical. I'll be in touch

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    ad_hock Guest

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    You're welcome
    You'll find ewido is a excelent anti trojan software,I'm sure.
    Best regards

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    tonyarm Guest

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    After having many problems with the last two updates and not finding any good answers from TechService, I started reading all related problems on the Forum, many, many, many of them. I have read the Moderator and the "Guru's. Hours and hours of wasted time on ZA web site.My conclusions:Moderaotor is arrogant in some replies. He also does not know that thereare very significant problems at least with ZAP. Mostof his responses do notwork and heblames the customer's computers.I cannot believe that ZA does not know of the problems because we do not follow proper channels, another arrogant reply. ZAP is going down hill fast. It is time to start writing to ALL Computer Magazines and view our experiences with V. 6 xxxx especially since most recommend ZAP as I have in the past.I would have to conclude that ZA really does not care or is taking all the profits with not enough Techs left to fix the updates.The Guru's do their best to help but I really think that they do not have a clue or depthof the real problems.I have used ZA and susequently ZAP since its inception but I won't be for much longer if these problems persist.I started with computers, 2 decades ago and built my own for many years. I am far from and expert, but I do know something smells at ZoneLabs.When people read this, some will think I am being harsh; rather I hope it is taken as being constructive.

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