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Thread: Phantom Item in Programs Table

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    aquavit Guest

    Default Phantom Item in Programs Table

    Within the last month or so, I've noticed a new item in ZoneAlarm's Program Control | Programs tab. At the top of the list of programs that have attempted to access the web is a blank entry with a blank Windows icon, no name, and question marks under Access and Server. The entry detail is as follows:

    Product name
    File name
    Last policy update Not applicable
    Last modified date [invalid date]
    File size 0 KB

    ZoneAlarm never shows me a request to go online in connection with this item. When I delete it from the list and reboot, the item reappears exactly as before, immediately after Windows and the startup programs load, whether or not I'm online. When I set ZoneAlarm to block Internet access for the item, the setting "takes" and remains when I reboot.

    Using MSConfig to see what runs at system startup, I don't find any new entries or indeed any old ones that look suspicious. (I've disabled quite a few, but even those are associated with known programs or processes.) And I don't find anything in ZoneAlarm's logs that I can associate with this item's reappearing in the program table after I've deleted it and rebooted.

    I'm running ZoneAlarm version 6.1.737.000 dated last November 15. Since that's very roughly when this anomaly started appearing in ZoneAlarm's programs table, I suppose it could be some bug in ZoneAlarm itself.

    Otherwise, I'm concerned that it might be some virus or spyware, though my antivirus software plus Spybot and Ad-Aware, all of them up to date, don't detect anything.

    Help, please!

    John Francis (aka Aquavit)

    Operating System:Windows ME
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:6.0

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    ad_hock Guest

    Default Re: Phantom Item in Programs Table

    Just to be sure download Trojan Hunter ,as you run ME you cannot use ewido.It has 30 days trial. Follow the instructions in the site to update and then do a full system scan. If nothing is found I suggest you reset your ZA data base. You loose all your customizations and need to rebuilt a fresh data base. Follow the instructions in this link
    Best regards

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    aquavit Guest

    Default Re: Phantom Item in Programs Table

    Trojan Hunter found no malware on my hard drives, and I also downloaded and ran Blackice's F-Secure antivirus with the same result. After removing the .RDB, .LDB, and .TMP files from \windows\internet logs, as suggested, I no longer see the phantom entry in ZoneAlarm. So it may be that the phantom entry was indeed a phantom in ZoneAlarm's database and no unnamed zero-bit program had actually tried to access the Internet.

    Thanks for your good advice.

    John Francis

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    ad_hock Guest

    Default Re: Phantom Item in Programs Table

    You're most welcome
    Best regards

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