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Thread: Screensaver shutting down ZoneAlarm?

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    schmavie Guest

    Default Screensaver shutting down ZoneAlarm?

    In the past couple of days when I havecome back to my PC to wake it up and sign in I encountered a message that ZoneAlarm had been shut down. A ZoneAlarm dialog was on the screen saying TrueVector had shut down, and itasked if I wanted it re-started. The most likely thing I can attribute this behavior to is the installation of a new screen saver (simAQUARIUM) on my PC. I found reference on the site in a trouble-shooting doc that said the following:<BLOCKQUOTE dir=ltr>"Each time the screensaver starts Flash 7 Player wants to check with Since the SimAQUARIUM Control Panel is made by Flash 7 this is unavoidable."</BLOCKQUOTE>Does anyone have any experience with the simAQUARIUM screen saver interferring with ZoneAlarm? I didn't see any referece to it doing a search on the forum.

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    ad_hock Guest

    Default Re: Screensaver shutting down ZoneAlarm?

    Hi Schamvie
    I suggest you report that to technical support
    Best regards

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