Hey all - not sure if this question is in the right section - sorry if it's not. Anyway, I have created a CD which is supposed to autorun using an autorun.inf file. The contents of the .inf file are below:

OPEN=AutoRun.exe "CD Title"

When the CD is loaded into a laptop w/ Zone Alarm it opens the HTML page (this is the file that the AutoRun.exe file kicks on) in Notepad and everything is all screwed up. When I look at the Zone Alarm log I get the following information:

"AutoRun by Typhoon Software was blocked from connecting to the internet."

Typhoon Software is the company that makes the application that I used to create the AutoRun files. Anyway, the CD really isn't accessing the internet; rather the HTML files that are on the CD are opeing in a browser (there are no external links). I've figured out how to bypass it through the Zone Alarm settings on my PC, but I obviously will not have control over other people's PCs when this CD is distributed. Any ideas on what can be done to stop this from happening?

Thanks in advance.

Operating System: Windows XP Pro
Product Name: ZoneAlarm Pro
Software Version: 4.x