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    jimspobox Guest

    Default Re: TrueVector - Doing a "clean" un-install

    Bill, will the "clean" un-install that you covered do the same thing that the "long" process does that the Zone Alarm Tech people have covered on finding and deleting certain files and folders? If not, what does the the "clean" install extension do that does not happen if left off?

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: TrueVector

    Then I'd not worry. Remember, most all infections get into a computer because the user unknowing lets them in via e-mail attachments, file sharing, or click onto the wrong site. If your machine was just on and not in use, I'd say not to worry.

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: TrueVector - Doing a "clean" un-install

    Good question but I can only give my understanding of the two methods. The /clean switch has the same practical effect as a 'manual' uninstall. It may not delete everything the manual uninstall will delete but it makes your system clean enough that it 'thinks' it has never had Zone Alarm installed in the first place. The main reason I even suggest a 'manual' uninstall is that for one reason or another, the user can't use the 'clean' switch there is no uninstaller to be found, something in ZA is corrupt, etc. So if you can use the 'clean' switch, in my view there is no reason to go through the 'long' uninstall method. Did I answer what you wanted to know?

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    jimspobox Guest

    Default Re: TrueVector - Doing a "clean" un-install

    Thanks Bill. That helps and I will try the "shorter" "easier" way since it is certainly less prone to error on my part and keep my fingers crossed that it fixes the True Vector problem.I also read in another post that the problem may be due to a corrupt database and deleting the files in the Internet Log folder with extensions .RDB, .LDB and .TMP and allowing the database to be rebuilt may fix the problem. Does doing a clean switch uninstall and reinstall delete these files? Since all your settings will be lost in an uninstall, should you, or is there any disadvantage to "backing up" the settings and doing a "restore" of these settings?

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    jeaninmontana Guest

    Default Re: TrueVector - Doing a "clean" un-install

    Hi all, just chiming in here. I too am having True Vector problems several times a day. It seems to me when True Vector shuts down it blocks all internet access, because I have a small weather program that loses all active content and some other appps. will lose update functions. I have been sending in the Windows error reports in hopes I would get a report back and so far nothing.

    I'm going to try the clean reinstall, I have also been getting some other error messages that I can't quote word for word. Basically missing files of various sorts to do with ZAP.

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