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Thread: Win xp sp2 and ZA 6.1.737.000

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    ufty Guest

    Default Win xp sp2 and ZA 6.1.737.000

    Sorry for possible offtop but I have some problems with windows startup:
    After installing service pack 2 time of system startup changes greatly.
    The beginnig is as usual, but then cpu usage of vsmon.exe becomes 100 percent.
    Nearly 2 minutes computer works very slowely, it's impossible to run anything from windows start menu or from windows quick start menu. It is possible to run anything only from decktop. During this two minutes each programm which needs many Ram (Acrobat Reader finding word construction in a huge document) works very slow.
    Windows firewall was switched off manualy by disabling Security Center in Control Panel => Administrative tools=> Secvices.....
    May be i need to do anything with Control Panel=> Windows Security Senter => Internet Options ??
    P.s. Windows Firewall and Automatic Updates are switched off
    Thank you.

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    ad_hock Guest

    Default Re: Win xp sp2 and ZA 6.1.737.000

    Hi Ufty
    I don't see what sp2 has to do with that problem. High cpu usage or Ram normally indicates too many programs starting up or and p2p or programs with internet server rights that demands heavy activity from ZA to monitor. In your case I think however I would try a clean uninstall of ZA and then a clean install with a fresh downloaded installer. After that if the problem remains you need to analyze you start up list. Follow this instructions to do the clean uninstall
    Best regards

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    gerard_konijn Guest

    Default Re: Win xp sp2 and ZA 6.1.737.000 regards, Gerard Konijn. Tilburg, The Netherlands.

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    ufty Guest

    Default Re: Win xp sp2 and ZA 6.1.737.000

    Thank 4 everybody/
    My startup list is very short
    it contains Nerocheck, jusched (Java),Zlclient, nod32kui, Logi_MwX (Mouseware)and ctfmon services.
    The other programs are usually started manualy, when i need them.
    Its common and no so new workstation with AMD Duron 800 cpu and 384 mb ram

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    ad_hock Guest

    Default Re: Win xp sp2 and ZA 6.1.737.000

    You're welcome
    I have already gave my opinion.
    Best regards

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