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    grassy Guest

    Default Invalid update signature

    I know that this problem is an old potato, but has anyone yet recieved a workable solution from the men at the top. I have tried cleaning up my disc and deleting the file vet_modules, all to no avail. WHAT IS THE SOLUTION - anyone please.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:5.1

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    paulgood Guest

    Default Re: Invalid update signature

    ZoneAlarm has been very satisfactory so far but I have not been able to update for several days due to this errorr appearing each time. Judging from the amount of message viewers this is not confined to just a few users. I don't know what is
    being done
    about this but something has to be resolved as soon as possible before people begin switching to other Companies...


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    susienshaz Guest

    Default Re: Invalid update signature

    I'm having the same problem with "invalid update signature", shows no updates since 31/1/06. I previously downloaded free Zonealarm with no probs so thought I'd but Zonealarm Security Suite 5.1, it scans ok weekly and says its up to date .... I'm confused, please help! Thanks.

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    paulgood Guest

    Default Re: Invalid update signature

    My computer is now telling me that my anti-virus software is out of date; I'm still getting this same error code. What is happening? What do we do? I can't wait much longer before I have to uninstall ZoneAlarm and move to another software. I know that might not seem much to worry about for the Company (being so big) but what if this is occurring on a large scale and many others decide to leave as well?

    Very disgruntled...

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    paulgood Guest

    Default Re: Invalid update signature

    Well, I think I've got myself back on track now. To rectify this problem I completely uninstalled the product and made a clean install and everything seems to be working normally. The update was successful. Let's hope it lasts... Users should have saved the install file when they purchased the software, otherwise you can re-download after logging into your account using the 12 month download service.

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    susienshaz Guest

    Default Re: Invalid update signature

    Thanks Paulgood, uninstalled then re-installed Zonealarm and so far it's working ok and updated ok too .... fingers crossed it continues.

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