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Thread: Anyone using PCANYWHERE?

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    kwlsysadm Guest

    Default Anyone using PCANYWHERE?

    I have been using Microsoft Remote Desktop. However, I am thinking of switching to PCANYWHERE.

    With Microsoft Remote Desktop, ZA alerts are not displayed to the remote client. This has become a nuissance for installing and configuring software remotely.

    Is anyone using PCANYWHERE with ZA? If so, do ZA's alerts from the HOST PC display on the CLIENT PC's remote connection?


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    rediranch Guest

    Default Re: Anyone using PCANYWHERE?

    I use PCA 10.0 and ZA together.

    they work great except for two things.

    If you have a dynamic IP on the remote PC you are connecting from, then either you have to enter a range on ZA, or you have to have someone on the host pc enter your IP anytime it changes.
    Unfortunately, ZA does not allow you to enter a DNS, otherwise you could use to register a free dns that always maps to your IP, even if it's dynamic.

    The other issue I'm here looking for a solution on is lately either PCA or ZA did an update and now I can't click ALLOW on the ZA alerts on the host PC when connecting through PCA.
    Which is just as bad as not seeing the alerts, as your problem explains.

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    vegasman Guest

    Default Re: Anyone using PCANYWHERE?

    I just joined this forum, and need help using PCAnywhere. I am using 10.5, but I don't think it matters. You said that it works great----would you be so kind as to give me the settings that you used to get it working. I use a free IP service to keep running when my IP address changes. Works great. Thanks

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