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Thread: Problem connecting > Reboot Computer

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    leushino Guest

    Default Problem connecting > Reboot Computer

    For some reason Zone Alarm will not run. Also for some reason I can't get onto the Internet to do any sort of research. The message I get is:

    Validation Failed
    You are probably missing a necessary root certificate

    Validation Failed
    You are probably missing a necessary root certificate

    I tried to remove Zone Alarm so I could re install it, but I got the same message. I hope you can help, I'm kind of out of my element with this one.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:5.x

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    Default Re: Problem connecting

    Reinstall your certificates, get them here, then reinstall ZA.
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    grrubin Guest

    Default Re: Problem connecting

    Don Hoover, or Others

    I sent an email earlier regarding your reply to the original message posted at 8:38pm on 2.28.06, and thought I'd repost it here.
    I'm getting similar errors (missing root certificates for files vsinit.dll and vsdata.dall) when booting my xp machine (32 bit)
    or when trying to uninstall or re-install zone alarm.
    Also, can't browse web sites, although can download email.

    Per your reply, using a notebook (64 bit machine) I downloaded and saved to a temp file a new Verisign certificate from
    Then, using the problem computer,
    accessed and ran this file through a LAN, and thereby installed a new certificate in the problem machine.
    The certificate
    was issued to a Class 3 Public PCA
    with the correct valid times, and windows found the installation site automatically.

    However the problem persists.
    Can't uninstall ZA and can't access web pages, and the errors continue.

    What am I doing wrong?
    Please help.

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    grrubin Guest

    Default Re: Problem connecting

    Viola, after a night's rest, ZA works fine with no error messages regarding the True Vector files.
    The only thing I can imagine is that I failed to shut down and restart after reinstalling the Verisign root certificate.
    Conclusion is that that fix works for this problem.

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