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Thread: Dangerous ZA pop-up.

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    olly Guest

    Default Dangerous ZA pop-up.

    Two days ago i was writing on my comp when i got a pop-up from ZA firewall. The pop-up of course jumped on top of all other windows, and before i even saw the popup i had pressed A, and allowed the program access to internet. this has happened a lot of times before, but this time it was a trojan looking to download viruses. i knew of course that it shouldnt be granted internet access, but since i was typing when i got the popup, i pressed 'A' by accident, and i got virus on my comp. ZA removed the virus, but the damage was already done. after a LOT of efforts, and trying different things, i realized the only thing i could do was to reinstall windows. luckily the virus wasnt that severe, so i could backup my files before reinstalling it. I dont think i am the only person who've done this, and this bug in ZA, or whatever you wanna call it could pose a threat. at least it did for me, and i know my friend also have the problem that he sometimes grant access to programs without realizing it, cause he's typing when the popup pops up. so my question is: is it possible to stop the popup from jumping on top of everything? or even better would be to remove or delay the key input, so that for a few seconds after it pops up, a click on 'A' or 'D' wont allow or deny access. that way we can have time to react, and actually see what programs wanna have access to internet.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.1

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    kkken Guest

    Default Re: Dangerous ZA pop-up.

    <p align="left">I totally agree. I complained about it in one of the betas, then gave up. Your case is an excellent example of the problem!! It's like they don't realize some people are actually doing real work like typing, not just noodling around with the mouse welded to one hand. The thing is, you can't disable program alerts, so let's ask the Windows programmers in our midst: is it possible to make an alert pop to the front without giving it the focus too?<p align="left">P.S. I have the same problem with WinPatrol, which pops program and cookie alerts to the front and before I know it, I've hit an &quot;a&quot; or &quot;enter&quot; or spacebar that it interprets as a command.

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