Two days ago i was writing on my comp when i got a pop-up from ZA firewall. The pop-up of course jumped on top of all other windows, and before i even saw the popup i had pressed A, and allowed the program access to internet. this has happened a lot of times before, but this time it was a trojan looking to download viruses. i knew of course that it shouldnt be granted internet access, but since i was typing when i got the popup, i pressed 'A' by accident, and i got virus on my comp. ZA removed the virus, but the damage was already done. after a LOT of efforts, and trying different things, i realized the only thing i could do was to reinstall windows. luckily the virus wasnt that severe, so i could backup my files before reinstalling it. I dont think i am the only person who've done this, and this bug in ZA, or whatever you wanna call it could pose a threat. at least it did for me, and i know my friend also have the problem that he sometimes grant access to programs without realizing it, cause he's typing when the popup pops up. so my question is: is it possible to stop the popup from jumping on top of everything? or even better would be to remove or delay the key input, so that for a few seconds after it pops up, a click on 'A' or 'D' wont allow or deny access. that way we can have time to react, and actually see what programs wanna have access to internet.

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
Software Version:6.1