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Thread: Lsass is trying to connect...

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    zonepud Guest

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    The "OS" protection component of the the medium program control setting is defninately causing the alerts. When I set the control to "low", the alerts stop upon reboot. If I set it to medium, the alert imediatly pops up. I tried this:

    1. Deleted the program from ZA.
    2. Set the program control to "low"- rebooted... no alert.
    While the program control was on "low", I manually configured the LSA shell to super trusted, complete access to everything but e-mail- rebooted.. no alert.
    3. Set the program control to "medium"- the lsass alert imediately popped up. I gave it full permission and rebooted again- the alert is back upon boot.

    So the question now is: do I really need to have my program control set on medium? I have full up to date antivirus running, I run up to date anti spyware checks regularily, and I'm behind a rounter firewall. Am I really sacrificing protection in order to get rid of an annoying alert that pops up once every time I start my computer? Or should I just keep dealing with this manually?

    Of course any other suggestions would be welcome as well.


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    jarvis Guest

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    Program control at Low is Learning Mode which means that any new (or existing) program that attempts to access the network, or act as a server will be automatically allowed to do this and the setting remembered.

    A bit like replacing Homer Simpson with a chicken in that Simpsons episode, where the chicken just sits there pressing the same button again and again. Except that ZA is better than a Homer Simpson...

    Anyway don't use learning mode except when you definitely have a clean system and you want to quickly configure the firewall by running all of your network-aware programs one by one. And in that case, Medium setting with SmartDefense in Auto mode is safer for doing that.

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