I am using Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0. Starting today, I'm getting the message from ZoneAlarm that "CVTRES.EXE is a malicious program". This program is part of the link process and necessary for the build of executables in Visual Studio.

However when attempting to set the permissions in ZoneAlarm, I can't find this program in the Program Control section. There is no "CVTRES.EXE" listed, and adding it doesn't show up in the listing. The only way for me to compile and link in Visual C++ is to turn off ZoneAlarm. It doesn't show up as a component either.

Another question is that it is rather annoying that the names in the Program Control list under the "Programs" tag are the descriptive name. I don't want this, I want the actual executable name there, not the descriptive name of the executable. Probably this is one reason why I can't find CVTRES.EXE -- it doesn't show up unless you know beforehand what description to look for. Is there a way to toggle this so that I can see the executable names in the Programs tab? Right now, I have to cursor through each one, and eyeball the "Entry Detail" box to get the name of the executable.

So my question is two-fold:

1) How do I get ZoneAlarm to quit giving me the alert that CVTRES.EXE is a malicious program and not allowed to run (I know, but where the heck is CVTRES.EXE in the Program Control listing???)

2) Is there a way in the Program Control section to see the executable names *up front*, without having to painstakingly scroll through each entry?

Operating System:Windows 2000 Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
Software Version:6.1