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Thread: True Vector Shut Down....again

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    blobens Guest

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    <blockquote><hr>SoCalReviews wrote:
    There is one more thing you can add to those removal instructions. There are a few registry entries for ZoneAlarm that can be removed. Be careful editing the registry and make a backup before you do anything with it. SlyFox has posted some registry editing instructions that you can do in addition to the complete clean uninstall and manual Zone Alarm file search and deletion. It is a good idea to disconnect from the internet by turning off your modem or router. Also temporarily turn off any antispyware or antivirus software before doing the /clean uninstall and also during the install or the security software could be preventing any changes you are trying to make. Some antivirus programs such as Norton and PC-Cillin have built in firewall software that conflicts with ZoneAlarm so make sure those have their firewall also disabled. Re-enable that software but not the firewall portion of it after getting a new working copy of Zone Alarm on your system.

    Take a look at the installation message board also. The instructions do work and it shouldn't take more than 20 or 30 minutes maximum but take your time to do it right. There are uninstall and install instructions and success stories all over that board. Make sure you have your license key and have downloaded the very latest version 6.1.744 . Call tech support if you have any other problems. It really is worth it to get the new version running right on your system and the new version works really well. I think that you will be very happy when you get it running correctly on your system.

    Message Edited by SoCalReviews on 03-22-200603:22 AM
    It's July and the latest version of ZoneAlarm still has these TrueVector crashes. I'm not going to pay $3/min to get this problem looked at because this has been going on for way too long. ZoneAlarm Security Suite is just not stable. I have been using ZoneAlarm Free for years now with absolutely no TrueVector crashes. After upgrading to the pro version, it crashes all of the time. I did the clean uninstall, which eliminated the constant crashes. It still crashes about once every other day or so.

    I will never recommend ZoneAlarm Pro or Security Suite to anybody. I will recommend the free version though.

    There is absolutely no excuse that I install this product and have to go through all of those manual steps to clean up any previous versions. I have better things to do.

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    jle Guest

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    Since the power problems in NYC, my pc is not running properly-- I get a message saying there is low virtual memory. I am trying to remove programs on the chance there's a software conflict and cannot get ZA to open so I can "uncheck" the load at start-up box. I cannot stop True Vector from running--I havetried toopen the program in the safe mode to uncheck the box, butthe program won't open. Is therea way touncheck the box through accessing the files? Is there another suggestion? I have medium skill (which means I can follow directions).Thank you. JLE

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    jorgan Guest

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    after reading quite a FEW of board threads this here seems to be the one where an actual solution has been posted that works for quite a few users. So here's what happend to me.

    WinXp Home and always one of the latest free ZA versions (automatic updates enabled).

    It began with a lot of TrueVector crashes.
    Then I tried to unistall ZoneAlarm. It didn't work directly.
    Uninstaller complained that another program was using true vector. So I couldn't uninstall.
    After a lot of reboots and pulling the network cable I eventually managed to unistall ZA.
    After that I never had any TrueVector problems.
    But then I couldn't properly connect to the internet no more.
    Skype noramlly managed something like a connection. ICQ didn't. Mirc once in a while and the browsers just displayed blank pages.
    I also had problems of form displayed here
    I ran the blaster tool. But it didn't find anything.
    Furthermore I couldn't burn anything.
    Quite often I couldn't even start any applications. I got messages like:
    - Not enough quota to run
    - Not enough resources
    - Failed to initalize properly

    I'm also experiencing problems with the sound system. I can only rarely get some sound out of the machine. Realplayer and Mediaplayer normally make any noice, if they start at all.
    The task manager only starts when it feels like it, what doesn't happen often.

    I also run AntiVir. (obviously an anti virus program)
    The first time it came up blank but couldn't open more than 1600 files.
    A day or two later it still didn't find a thing but couldn't read 600 files.

    I fear format C is the only real option left to me.

    Would be glad though, if someone had a simpler solution....

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