My machine has made some attempts to connect to the internet, always to a particular source and using various ports.

First some background - Last week, ZA reported that I had Actmon which is strange because my research indicates that needs to be physically installed on the machine. I deleted it immediately.

Some while back my computer was used by a teenager who installed a suspect game (Quake) that I suspect was a pirated copy. Zone Alarm scanned after this installation and found nothing but I'm starting to fear that this kid has installed hacked software that has deposited spyware.

McAfee managed virus scan appears clean, Zone Alarm currently reports clean after it had deleted the Actmon. Windows Defender reports clean.

Yet my machine is making attempts as per the png image screenshot that I've put together


Any help appreciated.



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Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
Software Version: