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Thread: I'm not a techie geek - I don't understand ZA Pro alert messages

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    framplot Guest

    Default I'm not a techie geek - I don't understand ZA Pro alert messages

    I'm very new to ZA Pro and the alerts baffle me. I have just received the following alert: "Registry Editor Utility is trying to create a new process." Clicking on Details and Technical Info leaves me none the wiser. The alerts says: What should I do? If Registry Editor Utility needs to create a new process in order to function correctly and you know what this program is, then give it permission. If it does not need to create a process, or you know that a process should not be created, then deny it. If you are unsure, you can always deny it from creating a process and run the program again, if it is required.
    Why? Registry Editor Utility is potentially malicious. This is particularly true if the new process will load malicious programs or utilize an excessive amount of CPU time, memory, and other resources.
    How do I know if "it needs to create a new process" ?? How do I find out "what the program is" ?? How do I tell if "a process should NOT be created" ??
    In the end, because it says "Registry Editor Utility is potentially malicious" I clicked on "DENY" but I have no idea if I did the right thing. Maybe the request to create a process was quite normal ?? Is there a "novice" setting for ZA that hides all these alerts or decides for itself what is safe etc, or is there somewhere on the web I can download a full list of all the alerts and how to interpret them ?? I thought I knew a bit about computers but I'm beginning to think this programme is too advanced for me. I can understand why newcomers to computer don't bother with firewalls !!

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.0

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    socalreviews Guest

    Default Re: I'm not a techie geek - I don't understand ZA Pro alert messages

    It's ok, most ZA users don't always understand them either. All those alert messages are simply things that would be happening on your system anyway without your knowledge or consent but after installing ZoneAlarm you are now informed of those potentially malicious things happening. Since the introduction of the OSFirewall in release 6.x and after the number of ZA alerts has increased and you are now aware of more things that are happening on your system. The fact is that usually the alerts are not malicious and are normal processes that other programs on your computer are doing but you never really know until you find out more about the program causing the alert. I saw a similar alert message that you had come up a day ago on a computer of mine also. I can't remember what I did but I think I allowed it and checked the box to always allow. I did a Google of the program causing the alert and I think that my alert might have been something relating to security software such as Norton AV trying to verify or change its subscription settings. Honestly, I don't really know but I had a sense it wasn't a big deal. You could probably try denying an alert that bothers you and see if something such as your AV program still updates itself ok. However, if you allow something or deny it and you are not sure you can Google the program causing the alert or post a question about it here and when you are comfortable knowing what it is then you can manually change settings for any specific program or reset it to auto at any time under the tabs for ZoneAlarm program control settings, programs.

    Yes, all this is a steep learning curve but you will get used to seeing different alerts and get a sense for what is or isn't harmful. Unless your computer already has spyware or viruses on it then usually after a new install of ZoneAlarm you will have many alerts pop up that are usually not malicious. Just to be safe you can run a free online virus scan such as TrendMicro's house call or Kasperky Online Scan if you are worried about your system having a virus. The SmartDefense Advisor usually knows most of the programs that are safe and that are dangerous but other programs that get updated such as Antivirus software or antispyware can try to install new versions of files that ZoneAlarm's SmartDefense Advisor does not recognize and then ZA will ask you what you want to do in an alert. That ZA Defense Advisor is also updated with a new database of programs all the time so that it can recognize newer files. After ZA has been on your system for a fair amount of time after you installed it then you can become more suspect of new and strange program alerts that might be trying to access your system files. In the end you don't need to be a techie geek to use ZAP be you might become one after a while when you get more familiar with using it.

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