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Thread: C++ Runtime Error and vsmon.exe

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    darkeyes Guest

    Default C++ Runtime Error and vsmon.exe

    I've seen this error twice in the past week.
    I came home from work to find vsmon.exe wasn't running and there was a Microsoft C++ runtime error.
    I have no idea what's causing this.
    ZoneAlarm Pro asks if I want to start the True Vector.
    I say yes.
    It starts and everything appears ok.
    But, is there something else going on which is causing it to fail in the first place?
    I am running ZoneAlarm Pro 6.1.744.001, Windows XP SP2.

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    minnemiss Guest

    Default Re: C++ Runtime Error and vsmon.exe

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    darkeyes Guest

    Default Re: C++ Runtime Error and vsmon.exe

    I got home today and there was no C++ runtime error.
    However, I did look at the thread on the error and just for grins I looked through my registry for the Legacy_vsdatant and Legacy_vsmon keys and they're not to remove even if I followed those instructions.
    Right now all appears to be ok, so I guess I won't worry about it unless it happens again with any regularity.

    Thanks for the response!

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