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    zrepmd Guest

    Default Hidden Layered Windows

    I too have suffered with this curse since upgrading to ZASS, and finally through the help of others realized my plight is due to the Junk Mail filter- when turned off only.
    Does anyone have any inside knowledge if this will be addressed/is being addressed? Or has anyone discovered a work-around? the fresh install doesn't work for me as the problem developedafter a fresh install.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.1

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    dj5150 Guest

    Default Re: Hidden Layered Windows

    I've searched a few sites and many other user who have upgraded to ZSS are all reporting the nightmare of the "Hidden Layered Window" at shut down. A while ago I did a re-format of my hard drive and with a clean install of ZSS I chose to NOT let it filter my Outlook Express Junk mail filter--only incoming and outgoing attachments. I used my Outlook Express Tools/Message Rules/Mail to create filters for spam/junk mail and the "Hidden Layered Window" problem was solved. However, on a subsequent re-format..the problem re-appeared at shutdown!Aarrggghhh!

    I hope the people at ZA are aware of this and working on a "fix" for the next ZSS update. There
    have been times where I had the Hidden Layered Window pop up 8-9 times before I could shutdown Windows and log off.

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