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Thread: spoolsv.exe attempting to connect to outside website

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    jackiew Guest

    Default spoolsv.exe attempting to connect to outside website

    I am running Windows XP (fully updated), ZA 6.1.744, firefox (behind a modem/router).

    Recently (apparently for a week or two) ZoneAlarm is blocking spoolsv.exe from connecting to a website of which I know nothing although the latter part of the address is one I use. ZA log shows spoolsv as attempting to connect every few minutes. Printer spooling is used on a local network only. No evidence of viruses.

    Any suggestions?


    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.1

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    socalreviews Guest

    Default Re: spoolsv.exe attempting to connect to outside website

    Try adding your modem, router, and your own computer in the ZoneAlarm firewall TRUSTED ZONE. If you have another computer or computers on the network that need to access your main computer or printers that are attached to your main computer put those computers ALSO in the ZA TRUSTED ZONE. Do you know what addresses those have ? You can look in your modem and router manuals for the addresses if they are set to a default. Newer modems have a type of NAT built in and are often set to a default different than your LAN IP that your router has established. You can leave everything else in the Internet Zone.

    If none of that does the trick then you will need to see if there is any printer software required to be added to the ZoneAlarm Program Control area so that it has access to the TRUSTED zone and that you give it the maximum trust level setting in ZA.

    Other ideas are to make sure you have run antivirus and antispyware scans so that your system has not been comprimised. Usually though the answer is what I explained previously.

    If you continue to have trouble post back again (fresh posting) with your brand of router and modem and someone here can probably help you with the default IP addresses to set up in the ZA settings.

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