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Thread: Shutdown Problem / Help!

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    douginalaska Guest

    Default Shutdown Problem / Help!

    Since installing ZA Internet Security Suite I've starting having another problem.
    When I shutdown or reboot the computer I get the dialog box 'MCI Command Handling Window'.
    I then get the 'Program not Responding' windown and have to click 'End Task' several times before shutdown or reboot will take place.
    Any ideas?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.1

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    douginalaska Guest

    Default Re: Shutdown Problem / Help!

    Sorry if this has been beaten to death.
    After doing a search, I've since found this topic has been addressed in another thread.
    However, am I to assume the best way to deal with this
    problem is to shutdown ZA prior to shutting down or rebooting?
    After running Norton System Works and Personal Firewall for several years, I decided to give ZA a try.
    Except for the problems I've encountered and the fact that to install an upgrade, it seems one must go through a lengthy and technical uninstall proceedure first,
    I like ZA better.
    This 'MCI Command - Program Not Responding' thing seems to happen more often when using Outlook.
    Should I hang in there or give McAfee a try?
    I would think the ZA people would
    provide a fix.

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    Default Re: Shutdown Problem / Help! Try this! Maybe the "fix", and if not please repost! Take care, DougInAlaska! Oldsod
    Best regards.

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    douginalaska Guest

    Default Re: Shutdown Problem / Help!

    Thanks Oldsod!
    I checked the Microsoft site and after reading the info checked my Application Event Log.
    I have had application alert
    events numbered 1517.
    I've bookmarked the Microsoft
    page and will run the utility if I have more problems.
    The problem hasn't shown up since I went into 'Start up and Recovery' and unchecked 'Automatic Restart'.
    I don't know yet if this has completely
    eliminated the problem or if it's going to start again..

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    Default Re: Shutdown Problem / Help!

    Hi DougInAlaska! Googled the problem also showed there may be a side issue with the system restore- seems there maybe a failure with with error. Check to see if system restore is okay after the fixing. As long as you unchecked Automatic Restart did you uncheck the Dump or Minidump? Usually if you need a file of the "memory dump", it needs to be larger in size for either remitting to places like the Zone labs or the antivirus maker( or the software in question) or just to examine it to see all of the issues involved. Usually the complete dump is required they will recommend to reproduce the conditions after setting it for a complete dump, then forward the file. If the problem goes away, because of chamgimg Automactic Restart, then something is suspicious with the integrity of the OS? Oldsod
    Best regards.

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    douginalaska Guest

    Default Re: Shutdown Problem / Help!

    Oldsod, I'm still set for small memory dump and so far, so good.
    I'll keep you updated.
    If the problem shows up again I'll download and run the Microsoft utility.
    Thanks for the help!

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    douginalaska Guest

    Default Re: Shutdown Problem / Help!

    The problem has resurfaced.
    I guess I'll give the User Profile Hive Cleanup Service that's available for download from Microsoft a try.
    Oldsod, thanks for providing the link.
    Just wondering if anyone else has used this utility and if so has it caused problems or has it resolved the issue?
    Thanks for the help.

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    douginalaska Guest

    Default Re: Shutdown Problem / Help!

    I've downloaded and installed the User Profile Hive Cleanup Service from the Microsoft web-site. Things seemed to improve the first couple times I shut my computer down but then I started having the same problems again. This morning I was notified of Windows updates, downloaded and installed them. This update requires a restart which I was unable do without finally powering off with the power switch. I keep getting the MCI Commanddialogbox andProgram Not Responding message when trying to reboot. I closed ZASS and still had the problem but when trying to restart ZASS got an error message saying ZA was trying to initialize. The program wouldn't load. I finally powered off with the power switch. I didn't have this problem before installing ZASS. I'm beginning to get frustrated and lately have just let my computer run non stop so I don't have to deal with the shut down or restart issue. I'm beginning to get very frustrated with ZASS since most updates and installs require a restart which is just about impossible with my machine. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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