I am presently Trialing the Zone Alarm Firewall and Lavasoft's new Firewall and have nothing but praise for the Alarm Product. Particularly with Alerts or the lack of them with Zone Alarm.

I have been trialing Lavasoft about 2 weeks longer than Zone Alarm and it continues to drive me crazy with Alerts. I continues to notify me everytime a software products installed .dll files are changed trusted or not. This product has been informed of all my trusted sites and software but comtinues unabated with about 50 alerts a day.

But I have a question about Zone Alarm's Alerts (which are far less numerous and annoying) Why the heck are my Microsoft Office Modules Word, Excell, PP, etc....trying to contact the software on my machine. I am informed That they are trying but not why?????? Could be a dumb question but for every dumb question there is an equally dumb answer for which I am certain I will get if this a like daaaaa Question,

Thanks - The Bird

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
Software Version:6.1