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Thread: Reminder to check your computing environment

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    Please, zonealarm. I like your product because it sits down and shuts up in the corner of the taskbar and does its job quietly without interference. I can expect that if I leave it on the startup list in msconfig and update every once in a while that's about as much atttention as is required outside of my own tinkering. So what inspired you to spam me with an unclosable popup window reminiscent of microsofts office paperclip reminding me that hackers spammers and email threats may be out there lurking. I leave the blocking of potentially vulnerable ports to you, please leave the 'protection of my computing environment' to me, thank you very much. If this is to become a continuing trend in your software I will be finding another program.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:6.1

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    zaswing Guest

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    1. This is users' forum. Sponsored by ZoneLabs, I guess, but suggestions and complaints of this kind should really go there.
    2. In my opinion, you've got the best firewall in this universe. If you can find anything better and cheaper than free, let us know.
    3. The popups that annoy, probably refer to Program control. That's a valuable thing actually. ZA is trying to make sure your standard DLLs and other components don't get messed with, and that includes the Zone Alarm client. I'm only guessing what you were looking at, since you didn't describe what the popup is about and I do not have your version (though I used it for a while at it was fabulous).
    4. Is there a feature in ZA free to stop the popups? There might well be - look over the settings and change them.

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    I've been using ZA free for years, different versions (currently 6.5.690, beta), and have never had such a popup. I have Alert events off, so the only popups I get is if some app or process for which permission is set to ? wants
    to access internet.

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