I'm a developping a network multiplayer game in Direct3D fullscreen and DirectPlay.
Unfortunately, when the ZA window to allow access to internet for the game appears, this cause the game and computer to freeze (any standard keyboard combination like alt tab, has no use, we also cannot access the task manager to kill processes). The only way is to reboot the computer or maybe to hit the correct shortcut for the button "allow" of the ZA popup.
In fact, the ZA popup seems to take the focus on the application, and because the application is run in exclusive mode (or less maybe, i use in my case the default cooperative level of D3D) and won't let it alt tab. Note that my game supports the alt tab feature of course !

This is a common pb in many other commercial games, with ZA, as i saw on some forums.

As a developper, i can do 3 options to avoid this matter :

- Ask for the user to manually register the game in ZA, in the documentation. But this is quite troublesome for the user, which will think the game doesn't work if it crashes.

- Try to run my application while installing, with no fullscreen mode (but the same exe as the normal game executable) and connect to internet, to let the ZA popup appear and let the user configure it. The drawback is if the user install ZA after installing the game, the problem will appear anyway, and we are not sure the user will check the "remember this rule".

- To ask ZA team what are the particular precaution to take to avoid this lock. I might think that maybe ZA suspend the main thread (or an other ?) of the game, which is needed to allow alt tab fonctionnality to work. Maybe to do all connection on a separate thread will be the solution ? But this is quite boring to do, so I ask first

I would like some answer on my last option, if anyone knows.

Note 1 : Maybe my question is not on the good forum, where should I put it ? Is there a developper support forum ? ^^
Note 2 : Excuse my poor english

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
Software Version:6.1