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Thread: True Vector shut down. Time to reinstall Windows XP?

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    Default True Vector shut down. Time to reinstall Windows XP?

    I got a message that the True Vector needed to shut down: I was Web-browsing with a newly installed Windows XP on dial-up, using Firefox I had come across a web page on a legitimate ISP site that needed the Java run-time engine (JRE) for its technical support chat page. I needed the JRE. After Firefox had downloaded the JRE (but had not installed it), I clicked on Firefox's dialog box which was reporting that Firefox needed to be restarted. That's when the True Vector message appeared.

    Question #1: When the error message shows up and before I hit the "OK" button, does that mean my computer is vulnerable to other scanners? Does that mean that ZoneAlarm has already stopped and is no longer protecting anything?

    Question #2: Should I reinstall the operating system to be on the safe side? I don't think the ISP website or Firefox was to blame or being malicious. But during a period of vulnerability, are auto-scanners going to jump through the cracks? I just installed the Windows XP the other day and started surfing the Web on the dial-up about 48 hours ago (not connected the entire time), and in that time 2902 intrusions have been blocked, with 109 of them high-rated.

    Question #3: This isn't the first time this has happened, which suggests that I need to buy a hardware firewall to prevent inbound connections. I still want to keep my ZoneAlarm running to detect undesired outbound connections as well. Therefore, are there any hardware firewalls that won't work with ZoneAlarm (in the same way that the Windows XP firewall has to be disabled for ZoneAlarm)?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:5.x

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    Default Re: True Vector shut down. Time to reinstall Windows XP?

    Hi noodles,

    NO, I don't think you need to reinstall your OS, but I would suggest you follow this thread: . These instructions are very intense and you will need to make sure you follow the "EXACT INSTRUCTIONS". It only takes one little registry key or file to cause any type of problems with Zone Alarm, so therefore you need to make sure you cover each step in the instructions.

    PLEASE keep me posted on your results, Thanks.


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    noodles Guest

    Default Re: True Vector shut down. Time to reinstall Windows XP?

    Thanks, SlyFox, if I ever have to reinstall or upgrade ZoneAlarm, I will indeed follow those steps. Based on your posting, it looks like the ZoneAlarm uninstaller is horribly messed up. I have run a virus check with Norton AntiVirus 2006, and it came up negative.

    I'm still eager for other responses to my questions.

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