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Thread: Port 80 constantly being attacked!

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    untitled Guest

    Default Port 80 constantly being attacked!

    I've got a standard broadband internet connection (NTL in the UK) connected directly to one PC using a USB.

    However, a while ago I was getting repeated High Alert attacks from someone in North or South Korea (I saw their 'location' on the map in Hacker ID when the alert popped up). This has happened less frequently in the past week or so.

    Now, I'm getting lots of High Alert attacks on Port 80 on my PC but have no idea why I get so many or what to do about it.

    The Zone Labs SmartDefense Advisor says 'ZoneAlarm Security Suite prevented a remote computer from connecting to port 80 on your computer. This connection attempt was probably a port scan trying to find unprotected Web servers'.

    The Hacker ID is normally a reserved address (no map available, but has TCP Port 3789).

    In the past two days I've carried out a full scan with the Zone Alarm Virus Scan and the online Panda Active Scan which found nothing. My HijackThis log looks pretty normal too.

    I'd appreciate any help in establishing why a port may be attacked over and over again by the same attacker. Thanks.

    PS What is a TCP Port?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.5

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    socalreviews Guest

    Default Re: Port 80 constantly being attacked!

    The ZoneAlarm firewall is protecting you and alerting you of these attacks and/or port scans so you should be safe. I do not know if you already have one but from the alerts you are getting is sounds like you may not be using a NAT based router or you are using an older one. If you want to increase your security more and eliminate some of these alerts then purchase a NAT based Router with WAN filtering (including a block Identity Port 113 feature). Using a NAT hardware router can help protect your computer if you ever have the ZA software firewall turned off or shut down for any reason. The Linksys WRT54GL is a very good model that I would recommend but most name brand routers will work. If you already are using a NAT based router then try disabling unneeded Windows services that might be trying to broadcast out to the internet. There are many web sights that can provide suggestions for you on how to turn off those services and make your Windows computer more efficient at the same time.

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    untitled Guest

    Default Re: Port 80 constantly being attacked!

    Thanks for your advice.

    I thought about a router before but didn't get one in case it might have conflicted with ZA but hopefully it'll do the trick. Thanks again.

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    socalreviews Guest

    Default Re: Port 80 constantly being attacked!

    With no router ZoneAlarm is on the front line protecting your system which it is does very well. You just have to put up with all the attack alerts while ZA defends your computer. A good NAT router with WAN filtering works well with ZA and provides one more layer of protection. Because of the extra security wall created by the router you need to put the router IP address, your modem IP address, and sometimes your DNS server IP in the trusted zones under the ZA firewall configuration. This assures that you can connect to the internet.

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    untitled Guest

    Default Re: Port 80 constantly being attacked!

    Thanks again for the reassurance.

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