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Thread: ZoneAlarm at windows startup

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    sabresix Guest

    Default ZoneAlarm at windows startup

    Zone Alarm came up with an update to 6.5.722.000 the other day. I followed the procedure and it all worked and all the settings are inherited OK. However the program now loads last of all in the lower right hand icon list next to the clock. The issue I see is because I have Skype it has already triggered the broadband connection so there is a certain amount of time that my connection is vunerable before Zone Alarm is active. I have searched all the W2000 startup folders and searched the registry can anybody help mewith modifying the run sequence to get Zone Alarm up earlier before broadband, like where is it? Sorry to post here really as it isa lack of understanding of windows I suppose. I have only just moved from W98 and I knew where to find the startup list there. Regards Geoff.

    Operating System:Windows 2000 Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:6.5

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    socalreviews Guest

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    That is only the time that you see the ZA icon come up on the task bar but that does not mean that ZoneAlarm's firewall components are not already loaded. Most of the ZoneAlarm components load up early and unseen in the boot phase. You only need to worry about ZoneAlarm not loading if you get an error or alert message during or after booting up saying that TrueVector service cannot load or that it has to shutdown, etc.

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    sabresix Guest

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    Thanks. No errors at load. Now, mysteriously, without me doing or changing anything Zone Alarm is appearing early and the program app window is up well before broadband connected. Geoff

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    socalreviews Guest

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    Many people have complained about having to wait the first few times they boot up after installing the upgrade. What is usually happening is that ZoneAlarm has to reconfigure program permissions for all the startup programs and any others requestion access to the internet. If you are using the ZAP or ZASS versions it also needs to run updates and scans for the antivirus or antispyware components. Usually after booting several times it gets faster or at least that is what I have noticed. Good luck with your computing and remember to check back in this fourm for helpful suggestions before the next time you do a ZA version upgrade.

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