I'm repeatedly getting alerts that ZAP is blocking access attempts to my computer from various IP addresses to various ports. However, each one is identified as coming from pa2.zonelabs.com. I'll get as many as 10-15 attempts in a row, occasionally more. With the varying IP addresses, at least one series of which shows it may be a spoofed address, I sure don't want to allow them. Is anyone aware of some entity not only spoofing IP addresses, but also routinely using a Zonelabs domain name as part of the spoof? Or is this a legitimate ZoneAlarm function that it didn't allow all by itself (which seems less likely to me)? I'd just click them away, but there are so many of them (especially since upgrading to 6.5.722 after they fixed it to work with Eudora again).

One other strange part is that it often happens when I try to access not only some web sites, but also even some programs. For example, whenever I open my Palm Desktop for my Palm Pilot (old Handspring, actually), I immediately get two or more of the alerts. A couple of days ago, the IP addresses were in the 64.21.49.xx and 69.45.79.xx ranges, and today they're running in the 72.246.31.xx range.

Just a persistent bad guy trying to break in, or something else I'm not "seeing?" Ideas? Thanks --


Operating System:Windows 2000 Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
Software Version:6.5