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Thread: "Remember..." vs "Apply this setting..."

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    rd Guest

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    Ok... I either havea problem with semantics or Zone Labs' change? in philosophy... (and I searched the forum, did I miss something?)ZoneAlarm used to say something like "Remember this setting" with the checkbox to do so, when you allowed or denied an alert.Now they say "Apply thissetting to all suspicious behaviors exhibited by this application".Either they clariifed the Allow/Deny process, or they fundamentally changed the way ZoneAlarm works... the previous 'Remember...' would seem to haveapplied to just the specific instance that an application was attempting... accessing the trusted zone or accessing the Internet or acting as a server or starting a process or whatever. But the new 'Apply...' suggests it's just all or nothing... either you trust the application to do anything it wants (and any application starting it), or you tediously decide each time to allow or deny.Why the change? I'd rather remember individual settings than give carte blanche to an application (and anything going through it). Am I paranoid? Can we get Zone Labs to change back? Is that constructive or is it semantics?I finally let Smart Advisor, or whatever, decide access because of this issue, but there are still a lot of apps for which Smart Advisor has no setting....Thanks for listening...-RD
    P.S. version 6.5 works fine on my desktop, but fails on my notebook, complaining that TrueVector can't start, and I've unstalled the previous 6.1 and fresh installed 6.5, but get the same thing... so I'm back to 6.1 on my notebook. Sigh

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.5

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    socalreviews Guest

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    I am guessing that it probably has to do with the new OS Firewall settings in the latest ZA version. Try adjusing the Global Settings in your OS Firewall to quiet down or prevent those nagging alerts. Here is a link with more information:

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    rd Guest

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    Initially, I wasn't sure how you were responding, but it seems -not- to the first/primary part of my post to open debate on the 'Remember this setting' vs. 'Apply to all suspicious behavior' language... (and re: True Vector failing, I've followed the 'deep cleaning/uninstall' procedure and 6.5.x.. is installed now, seems 'fixed'). Otherwise if you're responding to my aside that a lot of other apps aren't covered by Smart Advisor... I'm not really getting a lot of alerts about access to the Hosts file... for the thread you referred, it seems the fix for Host file alerts is to set "Use program setting" for monitoring changes to it... I guess that means for ZAP to refer to the 'Program Control' list on an individual basis, granting/denying/asking (about access to the Hosts file), rather than just globally asking everytime, regarding the Hosts file access only.

    So... ok, I changed that... but we'll see if that lessens my concern over the question in each case to give an individual alert temporary permission... or Apply 'carte blanche' to all suspicious behavior. I just felt better in the past about 'Remember'ing to allow an app to do a specific task, rather than "all suspicious behavior"... meaning all accesses out -and- serving accesses in, etc??!!

    I think that's a fundamentally flawed response... for 'Apply'ing that program allowance for all behavior, upon one specific instance, means there is -no- firewall for that app... we're forced to be dependent on Smart Advisor and hope for the best.

    (And it seems too often that I find I want to 'allow' where smart advisor may have recommended not... thus I'll be fighting that, and having to go find the program in 'Control' to unfetter it, at least temporarily.)

    If I want smart advisor just to 'suggest' so I can review traffic... then when an app wants to connect out, and does it a lot, and I want the allowance remembered... I have to allow all behavior?, including being a server, etc., etc.???

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    socalreviews Guest

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    I understand what you are saying and yes I would prefer having the option to allow or not allow for each program and not have to do general Global settings adjustments under the OS Firewall settings but this is how the new version is set up. There must be some reason for them wanting to do it this way and I know that the OS Firewall in the new version monitors and protects Windows more than previous versions. You could send your suggestions to Zonelabs and maybe they can give you more information about this. Maybe they could make some changes in the next release(s) that would make it easier for us to configure these settings for each program when the OS firewall related program alerts pop up.

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