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    corinthian Guest

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    Hello,I have a home network with my desktop connected to a D-Link DI -- 524 wireless router by an ethernet cable, and a laptop computer which connects through this same router wirelessly.The wireless router is protected by WEP -- PSK encryption. Since I have recently installed the latest zone alarm security suite updates, I have been getting the message "new network found". And I then have to a signed a security setting, either Internet or trusted. The trouble widows with the IP address on this new network. I'm pretty sure it belongs to the network I'm running, but I'm not positive. When I run ipconfig on both of the computers, I get IP addresses that only vary in the last three digits -- 1 computer ends in .103, and the other oneends in .100, and they both show the same default gateway address, ending in 0.1. Isuppose this default gateway is the D-Link wireless router? And both computers also have the exact same "subnet mask" number. But the "new network" IP address is otherwise identical to the two computers and the default gateway, but it ends in .0 .0.Also, the "subnet mask" number is identical to the two computers when I checked them on IP config. So I'm confused as to what this number belongs to. Since it doesn't belong to either computer or to the default gateway. So what or who is it? Is it part of my home network somehow? And can I safely allow it into the "trusted zone"? Right now, I'm keeping it on Internet zone until I figure it out.

    Thanks in advance for any help


    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.5

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    socalreviews Guest

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    Yes you are correct that those are part of your network. I usually say to not show again and just approve the network. Usually ZoneAlarm detects the network range. You should put your computer IP address, the IP address of the router, and the IP address of your DSL modem (if you have one) in the trusted zone. Often the cable or DSL modem is the DNS server in the newer versions and usually looks something like and your router usually looks like and your computer looks like (or .101, or .102. etc.) Those numbers can switch around so don't expect them to be exactly as I said. It all depends on the default addresses of your components but yes those are your own network devices and should be in the Trusted Zone. You might want to post back here with your DSL or Cable modem brand also.

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    corinthian Guest

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    Thank you, SoCalReviews, for the info. Yes, those IP addresses run pretty much as you listed them. The DSL router is a Westell from Bell South. I wonder if that is the source of the ip address that ends in .0.0? Apparently so.

    Thanks again


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    socalreviews Guest

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    You are welcome Corinthian! The Westell modem does use a different IP that the SpeedStream modem that I am used to using but yes it is the same concept. If the Westell DSL modem ends in ...0.0. then put that IP address in the Trusted Zone also. Good luck and post back anytime if you have more quetions.

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