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Thread: ZASS "forgets" previous Allowed programs

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    kennlee Guest

    Default ZASS "forgets" previous Allowed programs

    Since updating to the latest version, I get several new "features", one of which I saw described in the forum regarding a new wireless network. The wireless messages I can live with. The other more serious problems are that when I tell ZASS to always allow some of my HP programs, including the Tropical Fish screensaver, the next time I reboot, I still get the message asking if I want to allow this program to run. The program settings appear to be set correctly, but yet I keep getting asked. Particularly annoying is that when my machine goes into screensaver mode, about half of the time, I get a locked machine when it can't figure out that this is an allowed program and the screen stays black unitl I answer the question, which I can't see. I reinstalled the update as a "clean" install - but still the same problems. Any suggestions, other than to rollback to the previous release of ZASS?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.5

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    lwiley Guest

    Default Re: ZASS "forgets" previous Allowed programs

    I have the same problem since the last versionupgrade. Zone Alarm does not remember the programs I have given permission to, even though I have told it to remember my answers. Frustrating. I have to bring up the main ZA window and manually set permissions.

    I'm running ZA AV on one machine and ZA Pro on the other. Both machines exhibit the same problem, since the last version upgrade.

    Both machines are Windows XP. One is Home Edition and the other is Media Center Edition.


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    socalreviews Guest

    Default Re: ZASS "forgets" previous Allowed programs

    I use a fish screensaver and other programs like you mentioned and for some of them I had to manually give them permission under the Program Control, Programs area of ZoneAlarm. Also, if you did not let ZoneAlarm automatically configure your Program settings after you installed the new version then some of the older settings may not be working properly and you might need to do a configuration and settings database reset. It is simple and quick to do this procedure but you lose any previously stored settings that you used before. However this often helps eliminate other configuration problems. Do not do this procedure first but instead try the other solutions I mentioned and do the database reset after trying the other solutions.

    Another thing to look at if you can't make adjustments in your Program Controls is that some of your settings problems could have something to do with the new OS Firewall settings in the latest ZA version. You could try adjusing the Global Settings in your OS Firewall to quiet down or prevent those nagging alerts. Here is a link with more information:
    One more thing to try relating to your screen save is to make sure that your computer's IP address is in the Trusted Zone. If you use the ZoneAlarm screen saver automatic internet lock feature enabled then ZA could be trying to lock out the screen saver from your own computer if your computer's IP address is in the Internet Zone.

    If you need any help with any of the above I described or if you have more questions please post back in this forum. Also try to post any results you get from these instructions.

    Here is a ZA support link for those database reset instructions if you need them.

    ZoneAlarm database reset instructions link:

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    kennlee Guest

    Default Re: ZASS "forgets" previous Allowed programs

    Thanks SoCal. I was a little apprehensive about deleting the "database" entries, so I uninstalled ZASS, rebooted, reinstalled again, rebooted, and the problems have been resolved. Funny thing, I checked the screen saver default values after the reinstall, and they are now the original values prior to the latest upgrade. These original values did not work after the first upgrade, but now with a complete uninstall/reinstall, these values are okay. From now on, I'll do a clean install with upgrades - inconvenient, but effective. Thanks again.

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    socalreviews Guest

    Default Re: ZASS "forgets" previous Allowed programs

    You are welcome! The database reset procedure is not really a big deal but unless you are familiar and comforable with using Windows safe mode then it is better to try other methods in normal mode first. It's great that you were able to get it to finally work for you.

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