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    bootle25 Guest

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    I get ZA saying that AOL wants to be a server, now, up to the moment, I have clicked on 'allow': am I doing the right thing or is AOL taking advantage and should I be blocking it?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Antivirus
    Software Version:5.x

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    socalreviews Guest

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    I have seen that alert before on a friends system that has AOL installed. AOL likes to download allot of updates to its connection software so you need to give it quite a bit of access. The problem I saw was that there was another AOL program constantly asking for server access. I found out it was some sort of automatic local network configuration settings program that is not needed at all to run AOL. I eventually went into the Windows Configuration Utility (the program that you use by clicking start then run then type msconfig then click ok) and under the Startup tab I went down and unchecked that particular AOL program from starting up. Don't uncheck the wrong AOL entry or it will not run properly at all. I don't remember the name of that configuration program right now but it was easy to identify. Those particular alerts stopped after that and it seemed like Windows booted up a little faster. I don't know exactly what your alert is from the AOL software but if you do not give AOL enough permission then that is not good but if it is that separate program I just described asking for access then do not allow it and disable it as I explained. If you need more help with this information please post back in this forum.

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    bootle25 Guest

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    I did as you helpfullysuggested and found thatthe only thing checked in STARTUPis 'zlclient'. there is an 'AOLDial' but that is unchecked.

    I looked in SERVICES and, even though I was off-line at the time, there was an 'AOL Connectivity Service', which was checked, and its' status was 'running'. What do you reckon might happen if I unchecked it?

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    socalreviews Guest

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    I think that AOL connectivity service is OK and you can give it the access it needs in ZoneAlarm to run properly. If you look in the lower right of your desktop's task bar I think the AOL related icon there is the connectivity service which starts up when you boot up AOL. I believe that it simply checks your internet connection status. The program I was refering to in my previous post may or may not be part of the newer AOL 9.0 connection software packages but I do not know. I only remember seeing the program on a system I worked on ask if it wanted to configure the local network and I kept saying no, no, and it kept popping up every other time I booted. I finally figured out which startup item it was and I disabled it using "msconfig" method. I am not an AOL software expert but I have had to deal with it quite allot on other peoples systems so I am familiar with its various quirks. You should be ok if you give the AOL programs the permission that they need to run properly. I am not an AOL software expert here but I do have to deal with it when I work on other people's systems.

    One other thing to consider is that they do have decent online chat based support if you need to ask them specific questions about any of their software components such as the one causing the alerts. You could find out if any of that software is required to run AOL or if you could disable it from starting up on your system. Just be aware they they generally do not like to talk about or give advice about any software except for their own.

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    bootle25 Guest

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    OK,SoCalReviews, I will try to sort out the ZA alert, surreptitiously,on an AOL board, without mentioning ZA, and allow the alertpermission in the meantime. Thanks for your time.

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    darrenjp Guest

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    I have AOL and was extremely uninpressed with its so called helpfull software , i was all for getting rid till i found out how to set up a DUN connection and connect without its dodgy software now AOL is much more bearable and much less intrusive

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