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Thread: Receiving multiple copies of same junk mail emails

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    clandino Guest

    Default Receiving multiple copies of same junk mail emails

    I am using Outlook 2002 (SP3) with Windows XP Professional. Whenever I open Outlook it downloads my emails from my ISP, then when I close Outlook I get all those same messages again. When I reopen Outlook, here come all those same messages - I have four copies of each email in "zone alarm junk folder". I have it set to delete after one day, but it can be two days before it actually puts in deleted folder. But lo and behold, half of the junk mail is what was received and deleted. Why am I getting multiple copies of the same message over and over again. (I have delete from server on POP3 account checked) Any insight greatly appreciated. Christeen

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.5

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    socalreviews Guest

    Default Re: Receiving multiple copies of same junk mail emails

    You could simply be getting spammed with the same junk emails that has been sent multiple times from the spammer which happens to me quite often but I will assume that is not what is happening in your situation. Here are some suggestions for you to try. If you have already tried adjusting the options in the ZASS antispam program for Outlook then try adjusting your Outlook settings for your email account. I don't have Outlook on the machine I am using at the moment so I can't verify the exact procedure but it should be similar to Outlook Express (under Tools > Accounts > email account name > Properties > Advanced). Under the Account settings for your email address you should be able to change how long your email remains on the email server. There is an option to leave the email on the server if you want it there for web based access and you can change the number of days it remains on the server after downloading or remove it from the server after it is deleted or remove it from the server after email is downloaded into Outlook. Again, I don't have Outlook on this system but there should be similar options in Outlook as there are in Outlook Express. Try using Outlook help to search for the location of those configuration options. You might want to select the option to delete email from server after download into Outlook if the other options don't work. I also would encourage other contributors in this forum to post any more information or suggestions for you.

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    clandino Guest

    Default Re: Receiving multiple copies of same junk mail emails

    Thanks for quick reply. I already have my settings in Outlook set to delete the message from the server when it downloads to my computer. Will check with ISP to see if issue on their end for why it is not deleting messages upon the POP3 download of messages from their server to my computer. Thanks again.

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    socalreviews Guest

    Default Re: Receiving multiple copies of same junk mail emails

    You are welcome! It still seems to me to be a problem that can be resolved by adjusting your settings in the add-on part of the ZASS spam email settings or in Outlook. I hope you are able to find a solution that works for you. If possible please post any solutions or results back in this forum to help anyone else who may be having the same problems.

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