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    london_geezer Guest

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    Guys... Need some help... trying to find a soloution to this... after installing 6.5 (latest version) i have noticed that windows detects that the antivirus is out of date?????? Have u guys come across this problem in 6.5 as of yet? and if so how to sort it's doing my head in...seeing that baloon pop up all the time...with the cookies...after customizing it... still showing in the privacy advisdor that it's running and blocking the cookies etc....Just un-installed it and re-installed it with clean upgrade as recommended by zone labs...Keep me posted... Cheers Guys

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.5

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    clandino Guest

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    I had the same annoyance. I think this was an issue with Windows XP Pro that was occurring back in June just prior to a large27 meg update to Zone Alarm came out, then there was an update to the update that came out 4 days later. After running the updated update I no longer had that problem of Windows telling me my anti-virus was out of date. Make sure you have all the latest updates installed. I was getting the same message for about a month prior to the first June update, it continued after the first update but ceased after second update.

    If you did the first update on 6/18(zaSuiteSetup_65_714_000_en.exe) then you will also need to do the updated update that came out on 6/22 (zaSuiteSetup_65_722_000_en.exe). After I did the second update I no longer got that annoying balloon popping up from Windows telling me my anti-virus was out of date. Myother computerhas Windows XP Home edition andI never had thatissue on that system. Hope this helps, at least that is how I ended up getting rid of that pesky balloon. Christeen

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    london_geezer Guest

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    Yeah i just checked and all my antivirus is up to date... at the moment... with windows im running the home Edition...

    I had the last update in and i have noted some changes with the PC, it pauses for like 10 secs while it's opening MSN and then all of a sudden it's open... it sometimes just like freezes whilst opening things and i see that zone alarm stops and again 10 secs it's working fine.

    Any Ideas... I have a funny feeling that it might be something to do with windows although it says that i got all the latest updates.. but still have a funny feeling that something is commingin the way... Just tell me how u sorted it out..XP and home are same based OS Just features are different

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    clandino Guest

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    Sorry to say I have not a clue. Any one else out there with an idea?

    My "XP Home" never had that issue, but then it only did the final update on 6/22 since I did not have it on for a couple of weeks prior to that last large file update on 6/22. I only had issue on "XP Pro" and the second update fixed whatever was making XP think I did not have any anit-virus installed. Will keep an eye on thread, I am curious now what others might have to say about your problem. Good luck. Christeen

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