I've gone through quite a few pages in these forums and havent been able to find a post that suits my problem, if there is one, please direct me to it so i do not clutter this forum for people whos problems have not been answered.

Anyway, ZASS runs on start up but comes up with an an error message "No Antivirus protection Warning" and then proceeds to ask me if i wish to turn it on. I click yes, but then i get a message saying "Conflict Detected" " ZASS detected a conflict with third party software. As a result AV E-mail scanning will not be enabled until the conflict has been resolved." It says only the email AV will not be enabled, but infact, the anti virus as a whole is not running, along with the spyware.

So as any person would do, i clicked the help button and it directed me to a file under my "windows> internet logs" folder named lspconflict. Opened that file up in text and it turned out to be McAfee.com lsp.

This is it : {BEAA9090-2D12-11D4-9B80-00C04FF40D52}{BEAA9090-2D12-11D4-9B80-00C04FF40D52} (McAfee.com Layered Provider)

So i went to the McAfee tech help ( i believe i had the personalfirewall 6 installed on my computer, so i went under that) and i used the uninstall tool on my comp. It removed quite a few files that the uninstaller left behind, but it didnt fix my problem at hand. So here i am, stuck, and resorting to the tech forums here to help me out :P. McAfee wasnt doing the job for me, and this was for a while.

ZASS was working fine until i did an update for sun java... b/c it wasnt working with AOL, and my mom messed with a few AOL settings... maybe that contributed to the problem? Anyway, i hope you guys can help me out here >.> b/c im stumped.
Btw, when i try to run the installer again, it just comes up with a windows error message saying it needs to close. Along with saying google quicksearch needs to be closed.. but i dont think its even open, no browsers are anyway...

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
Software Version:6.5

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