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Thread: Error when running Zonealarm

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    peterbelli Guest

    Default Error when running Zonealarm


    A few days ago II got an error and Truevector shotdown. I don't know if it have anything to do with this, but today I noticed that the Zonealarm icon was missing from the traybar and was not running. I immidately tried to run it but got this message:

    C:\Programmer\Zone Labs\ZoneAlarm\zlclient.exe
    Windows could not acces to the specified/stated directory or file. You possible don't have the required rights to acces the element"

    (Sorry for this poor translation but my operation system is not english neither is my native language)

    I Found this very odd because in taskmanager a file called "zlclient.exe" was still running. I rebootet my computer but still Zonealarm was not running, therefor I uninstalled Zonealarm and downloaded a new fresh copy and installed it. It went well, but no icon in the traybar and still the error message mentioned above. Also after I installed Zonaalarm again Internetexplorre come up with a blank page and other applications like MSN Messenger could not connect. I tried then to uninstall Zonealarm again and right after the unstalliing was finish internetexplorre worked fine and MSN connectet to the server, no reboot or anything right after it was uninstalled it worked.

    Can anyone pleas help

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:6.5

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    peterbelli Guest

    Default Re: Error when running Zonealarm

    whoops I diden't see that there allready was a post about this topic, sorry. I done as SlyFox says in Except as said in step 5) As i can not open Zonealarm, insted I run msconfig and press start and unchecked the zlclient.exe soitwont startup at nextrebootI still got the error when running Zonealarm but now my internet is running again, how ever not all internet application seems to work IE and Outlook work, while other as MSN messenger does not work

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    swansong Guest

    Default Re: Error when running Zonealarm

    Hi Peter.

    I have exactly the same problem - and not only me - it seems that quite a few people have the same issue with the newest version of ZA. Read some topics below - there are a lot of messages like yours.

    Personally - I've already tried all steps that are recommended here but anyway - ZA doesn't work. Sometimes the icon appears in taks bar (once per - let's say - ten reboots) and everything works fine until next reboot or even logging out and loggin in as a different user.

    So in my opinion - the best way to solve the problem is either to install previous version of ZA or wait for the next one - without the bug I hope...

    Best regards!

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