I keep getting this alert:
TrueVector Service is trying to use
ZoneAlarm Updating Client tp access ths Internet.

vsmon.exe (this is an AOL DNS address, although I don't use AOL)
(this destination IP might be different everytime, I'm not sure)
When I put ZAP Program Control into its LOW setting (Program & Component Controls in Learning Mode) this message does not appear... However, after leaving Program Control in LOW for about a day or so I place it back to HIGH. Whenever it's in HIGH mode I get the above alert whenever my laptop restarts and or comes out of sleep/hibernation. I do not have this problem with any other software & my computer is virus scanned often (almost daily while I sleep).

So, first of all, shouldn't ZAP know its own program components, especially after I leave it in Learning Mode? What's worse is that there is no "Remember This Setting" checkbox, so I have to hit allow every time!.. These type alerts REALLY need a "Remember This" checkbox.

Second, when I click on "More Info" I get the standard "...if you know what this program is you should give it permission" info... Not very informative. You'd think that SmartDefense would at least know what VSMON.EXE is !!! I've never found SmartDefense useful for anything other than its Hacker ID tool.

(steps off soap box) Does anyone know why I keep getting this alerts?


Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
Software Version:6.5