Everytime my computer starts up I get the message:

Please stand by...
ZoneAlarm is initializing.
This window will close once ZoneAlarm initializes, within minutes.
You may click Cancel to shut down ZoneAlarm.

I've tried to remove ZoneAlarm (and a clean install), but the message keeps coming.
I've also tried another version, this makes no difference.
After I get that message, I can use the internet normaly, it's getting really irritating.

Currently I'm using ZoneAlarm (free) version 6.5.722.000, I've also tried ZoneAlarm (free) version 6.1.744.000.

With both versions I've got this problem.

Could somebody help me please, I've already asked this on Dutch boards, but nobody knew the solution.

I hope you will excuse me for my bad Englisch (I'm Dutch)

With kind regards,


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