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Thread: Since Windows Update ZAP not reconized

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    brf1945 Guest

    Default Since Windows Update ZAP not reconized

    Sometime after the last group of Windows updates 7/11-7/12/06 I noticed a red shield in my TaskBar (Pc @ risk no Fire wall installed). The Fact is I am Currently Running ZAP v 6.5.722.000 with out issue.
    I am not sure if the issue is with Windows (XP Pro) update or ZAP. This much I know the alert was not there prior to update Windows & rebooting the pc.

    Attached is the list on new Updates that where in stalled, as a FYI.

    BTW I am posting in DSLReorts MS Help Software Fourm

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.5

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Since Windows Update ZAP not reconized

    I've not seen this particular question before. Is there a way to disable the alert? If not, what I might try is turning the Windows firewall on then reboot, turn it off, then reboot again. I'm not at all sure that will help, but it won't hurt. If that does nothing, I then would go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Component Services > Services double click on it then locate Windows Firewall and change it to 'disabled'. That I think should stop the alert.

    It could be uninstalling then reinstalling Zone Alarm Pro would fix it too. As long as Zone Alarm Pro is running, it should not matter that the Windows firewall is diabled.

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    brf1945 Guest

    Default Re: Since Windows Update ZAP not reconized

    Hi Bill;

    I currently have the alert disabled I Just Hate when Bills toys & Check Point Stop playing nice, Especially after they have been ok for a while.
    I am Not about to loose any sleep over but now XP Pro & ZAP will not Monitor 2 0f my 3 Security Apps. ZAP will not recognize AVG Pro v7.1 AV (Known Issue) & XP Pro Will not Recognized ZAP (only after this update). The only Thing WIN XP monitors is the (@#%&*)Auto Updates.

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