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Thread: Internet Monitor Waiting to Initialize

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    ntechie Guest

    Default Internet Monitor Waiting to Initialize

    After uninstalling a particular program I started getting the following message

    ""Zone alarm waiting for true vector internet monitor to initialize. Cancel ??""

    I am using ver 4.5.538.001 for a pretty long time and till now it gave me no trouble at all. It happened only after uninstalling a particular program. But at certain times the message DOES NOT appear and at that time the windows boot much faster. In fact, booting is about 4 times slower when this message appears.

    3. Has zone alarm gone corrupt and needs to be reinstalled ?? or is there any other remedy ??

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    ntechie Guest

    Default Re: Internet Monitor Waiting to Initialize

    Even at the cost of over-emphasising, let me state again that there are times when this message does not appear. Hope this info helps in rendering proper solution.

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    socalreviews Guest

    Default Re: Internet Monitor Waiting to Initialize

    I can't say for sure if this would work and you will lose all your customized settings if you do this but you could try reseting your ZA configuration and settings database. It is possible that your database got corrupted at some time.


    IF you used your old ZA settings during the upgrade instead of letting ZA re-configure your new ones you can try to reset your ZA configuration and settings with the instructions in this link. This often fixes many ZA installation problems including TrueVector errors, connection problems, and strange ZA program behaviors but this is done without having to un-install or re-install the ZA program. You will however lose all previous ZA settings by doing this and you will need to re-configure any custom settings for programs that you previously made. This fix generally does not apply to first time ZA installations since they had no previous database or settings to get corrupted.

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