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    vivs Guest

    Default Windows Security Alerts

    I just re-installed zonealarm, free version, current version.
    Since I did so, Windows Security Alerts keeps showing that it can see zonealarm
    is installed, but its status is unknown.
    I've not been able to find a solution to this in these formus, or in the provided help files.
    I'd rather not turn off the notifications from windows, as they can prove useful in the unlikely
    event of a zonealarm failure... but how do I get windows to know the status?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:6.5

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    thegrs Guest

    Default Re: Windows Security Alerts

    I have exactly the same problem as vivs, and also been unable to find any reference anywhere, so HELP please. Extra info: this started after I uninstalled Windows Live One Care trial (beta) version. I guess it's the same for vivs. My op system is XP Home. ZA Free 6.5.731

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    Default Re: Windows Security Alerts

    I have ZA free 6.5.731 and XP homeSP2 (all updates). Security centre reportsZA is ON. If it cannot determine ZA's status it may be that some registry settings have become corrupted (especially if you uninstalled something).I would suggest do a clean uninstall of ZA free 6.5.731, then reinstall it.For clean uninstall,1. In start/programs/Zone Labs, right click on the uninstall icon, click properties. In the target line, at the end type a space, then type /clean, so the whole line reads"C:\Program Files\Zone Labs\ZoneAlarm\zauninst.exe" /cleanclick Apply, OK2. Then, in Zone Alarm, Overview, preferences, uncheck 'load ZoneAlarm on startup', shut down Zone alarm, restart your PC.3. Then uninstall using start/programs/Zone Labs/uninstall. Click yes on any warning messages.Then reinstall.You will lose your settings in ZA, so you will need to rebuild the list of programs with their permissions.

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    preet_gillkumar Guest

    Default Re: Windows Security Alerts

    My ZA version is 6.5.731.000; OS, windows-xp-home, sp2. I have the same problem as the previous two members. I did a 'clean' uninstall using the ZA uninstaller as suggested by Rosenfeld, and reinstalled ZA. The problem still remains.

    I think (am not sure) that this problem appeared at some stage after I had been using the previous version for some time. Any how this problem is there with this version.

    If anyone had this problem and been able to solve it, I would appreciate knowing the solution.



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    Default Re: Windows Security Alerts

    One thing you could check, if you are willing to edit the registry.

    Navigate to

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Security Center\Monitoring\ZoneLabsFirewall

    In the right pane there is a value called DisableMonitoring.

    In my PC that has data 1 and security centre recognises ZA (Zone Alarm firewall is currently ON).

    I changed that to 0, and it no longer recognised ZA as such (it just said one of the firewalls on this system is active). I changed it back to 1 and ZA was recognised again.

    So if in your registry that value has data 0, try changing it to 1.

    One other possibility, if you have Norton Antivirus. In NAV, disable Internet worm protection; that is a crude type of firewall (which adds nothing to ZA protection), and if both it and ZA are on security centre reports that 'at least one of the firewalls is ON, but no longer mentions ZA. You may need to restart your PC for security centre to recognise that just ZA is on.

    I don't know whether other AV apps have a similar component to NAV internet worm protection, but if so, the same advice would apply.

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    preet_gillkumar Guest

    Default Re: Windows Security Alerts

    I scanned for 'issues' in 'ccleaner' and found that in the registry:
    HK_Classes_Root\ZAMailSafe\Defaulticon was referring to a file in "C:\Program Files\Zone Labs\ZoneAlarm" which was not there. I removed the wrong file name and entered "zlclient.exe,-279" in its place. ',-279' was there after the wrong file name, and I left it.

    Windows now recognises zonealarm as being 'On'.

    I think Norton Utilities had also shown this error in registry entry, but could not fix it and I just asked it to ignore it.

    Anyhow with the correct file name in the registry key listed above, the problem has been solved.


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    preet_gillkumar Guest

    Default Re: Windows Security Alerts

    I thought the problem was solved. However, this morning again windows did not recognise ZA. The reg value that I had corrected remained corrected. I was reading some postings on this issue and came across a reference to 'WMI' service. When I checked, this service was stopped. I made it automatic and started it. WSC (windows security center) now recognised ZA. If I do not post any more messages here, it means that the problem has been solved by correcting the reg value regerred to earlier and making WMI service start automatically.


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