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Thread: Norton Antivirus 2006 - NAV2006 - full AV scan issues with current ZAP 6.5.722.000 -- NAVW32.EXE

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    craigw Guest

    Default Norton Antivirus 2006 - NAV2006 - full AV scan issues with current ZAP 6.5.722.000 -- NAVW32.EXE

    Hi folks, I have had an issue with ZAP since upgrading to v6.5 and have made several attempts to cure it with no results, so I'm here looking for advice. When running a NAV2006 full AV scan which I do weekly, ZAP issues nopop-up warnings*. Yet, each timeI run a full AV scan with NAV2006 (and only when I run a full AV scan) ZAP creates about 50 alerts in the OS Firewall section of ZAP's Alerts & Logs. Each of the 50 alerts shows that NAVW32.EXE has been "blocked (once)"due to a "File Write" attempt by it on a variety (about 50) files belonging to ZAP. How can I eliminate these alerts?Are having these "File Write" attempts blocked creating any problem or security issue for my PC? Anything else I should be worried about? Thanks.*I did find in the ZA Forums that I could eliminate some pop-up ZA warnings when doing a full AV scan by going into ZA/ProgramControl/Main/Custom/OSFirewall and change from "Ask"to "Use Program Setting" for "Change the hosts file" with OS Firewall enabled. My issue, above, occurs with or without this change being made to ZAP's default OS Firewall settings.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.5

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    socalreviews Guest

    Default Re: Norton Antivirus 2006 - NAV2006 - full AV scan issues with current ZAP 6.5.722.000 -- NAVW32.EXE

    I do not remember seeing this problem posted by other NAV 2006 users who have updated to any ZAP 6.5.722 but that doesn't mean that other ZA users are not experiencing this problem. I usually see the ZA HOSTS file alerts problem that stops NAV from doing a full system scan. Make sure that your NAV worm blocking feature is turned OFF. Also, NAV usually automatically updates its approved program files and definitions and it should recognize the newer ZAP 6.5.722 files as not a threat. If you have already done the ZoneAlarm OS Firewall changes to stop the ZAP HOSTS file alerts then try running NAV's LiveUpdate manually and see if there are any NAV updates that correct this problem. I have not used NAV 2006 but you should be able to customize your scan to exclude scanning specific directories (folders) and files. You could try excluding the ZAP program files or other ZA files that are triggering your ZAP alerts from the NAV scan. Hopefully this will not be a problem in the future as NAV updates its definitions and list of its approved programs. You might also want to check and search the Symantec support section to see if this is a known issue with any work arounds or fixes available.

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