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Thread: Symantec AV produces error msg

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    gtd Guest

    Default Symantec AV produces error msg

    Upon starting up, I get the following error msg from Zone Alarm pro relating to Symantec Antivirus:
    "Symantec Antivirus is trying to communicate with C:\windows\system32\userinit.exe by opening its process. Application: Rtvscan.exe"

    Another msg referring to rtvscan.exe comes up frequently related to the hosts file. Even if I check "allow" and "apply this setting to all suspicious behaviors" the msgs come back each time I start.

    I have run Symantec antivirus and numerous spyware checkers and found nothing amiss.

    I would appreciate any guidance.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.5

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    socalreviews Guest

    Default Re: Symantec AV produces error msg

    The new ZA 6.5x series monitors and guards the HOSTS file as part of its OS Firewall features. Many other security applications use and modify the HOSTS file as a way of blocking particular malicious internet links and adware sites. I also run Webroot SpySweeper 4.5 and had a HOSTS file conflict between ZASS 6.5.722 and SpySweeper 4.5. There was a simple fix posted about this issue to fix the problem with SpySweeper. The fix probably also works to fix other HOSTS file conflicts including Norton AVs control and monitoring of the HOSTS file. The key to solving this conflict is to change the HOSTS file control settings in ZA or turn off the similar feature in the other security application.

    Here a link to that thread with the SpySweeper fix:
    There is another general fix explained in this thread that may also apply to other applications that change the HOSTS file:

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    gtd Guest

    Default Re: Symantec AV produces error msg

    Thanks much, I'll give it a try. Greg

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    socalreviews Guest

    Default Re: Symantec AV produces error msg

    You are welcome gtd! If possible please post back with your results.

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    ai_tak Guest

    Default Re: Symantec AV produces error msg

    Give rtvscan.exe "No Enforcement" for it's trust level in the programs settings.

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