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Thread: Alert/Log Messages getting cleared or not displayed?

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    wbenton Guest

    Default Alert/Log Messages getting cleared or not displayed?

    I currently run ZA Pro v6.5.722.000 (latest version).

    I noticed that the Event logs don't display all Alerts/Logs. I have my number set to 999 for all Alerts/Logs:

    Anti-Spyware: 999
    Firewall: 999
    OS Firewall: 999
    Program: 999
    Spy Site Blocking: 999

    But only the "Program" alerts show all of them.

    The rest show either none (because there aren't any) or only a few 2-5 max and they keep getting cleared.

    My "Firewall" and "OS Firewall" Alerts/Logs are more than just the mere 2-5 shown, but for some reason, only the latest 2-5 are showing.

    Is this a bug or what?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.5

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Alert/Log Messages getting cleared or not displayed?

    By chance are you using a modem that does NAT or are you behind a router? If you answer yes to either, then that's why you're not getting Firewall alerts logged; your other hardware is blocking intrusion attempts. As to the others, perhaps there has not been an event to log?

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    wbenton Guest

    Default Re: Alert/Log Messages getting cleared or not displayed?

    I am sitting behind a NATted ADSL Router and a NATted Hardware Firewall... the same ones I've been sitting behind for years.

    But up until my most recent upgrade to the latest ZA Pro, I was receiving lots of Firewall logs where as now, I don't get much at all logged.

    The only thing that changed was the ZA Pro version... not my hardware firewall, not my router nor my NAT settings!!!

    Bottom Line: Alert and Logs for Firewall only show 7 entries. Two (2) from Aug 22 and Five (5) from Aug 27. All 7 of the entries are TCP (flags:S) from my PC to an external PC. Direction is listed as "Routed" with Action listed as Blocked and a count of only 1 for each of the 7. Not ALL of them are outgoing... NONE incoming.

    I previously had both incoming and outgoing displayed.

    Repeat: The only change is upgrade to ZA Pro version!

    Any other attempts at a possible explanation?

    Likewise, with the exception of 8 Netscape.exe and 2 Updater.exe Blocked entries, the other 989 entries are all winlogon.exe blocks to destination all within the last 2 days.

    Of course, I block access to, but I also used to have numerous other applications listed in my blocked list but not since upgrading to the latest ZA Pro. BTW: ZA Pro settings were imported when I upgraded.

    And to top it off... I HAD a few OSFirewall logged entries a few weeks ago, but now I show zilch... notta... nothing as if there were never any OS Firewall logged entries. I have the show last 999 entries set up, but I see only a blank white page where I had a few entries (don't remember what they were) a few weeks ago.

    Again... Alert/Logs Messages getting cleared or not displayed?!?!?

    Neither my router, hardware firewall NOT NATting explain those problems away... especially since they've all been around for several years and I had numerous events prior to upgrading of which now I get little to nothing and what ever was displayed several weeks ago surely hasn't gone over the 999 mark and even if they did... the last 999 should still be displayed, but not even the last 3-5 entries which were displayed several weeks ago are there any more!!!

    I.E. They've been cleared, erased or are not being displayed which was the topic of my initial post!!!


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