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Thread: Zlclient.exe Connecting to Dubious Sites

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    toofew Guest

    Default Zlclient.exe Connecting to Dubious Sites

    My daughter began complaining about her PC slowing down so I made my monthly pilgrimage upstairs to clean up the crudware she invariably picks up. Strangely enough, Trend, Spybot, MS Defender & Ad-aware all found nothing. So I dug a bit deeper using Rootkit Revealer from Sysinternals. Again, nothing. I then looked at the ZA logs and in the Programs logs, found that C:\Program Files\Zone Labs\Zone Alarm\zlclient.exe was connecting to these DNS's:, & I looked a bit further and found another couple of instances were zlclient.exe (no path) had attempted to connect to were blocked.

    Anyone have any ideas? I wanted to run this by experts before I uninstall ZA and do a clean install in case anyone wanted a file. My own machine shows no instances were the zlclient has tried to connect to anything but Zone Labs for update information.

    Thanks in advance,


    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:6.5

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    ai_tak Guest

    Default Re: Zlclient.exe Connecting to Dubious Sites

    Check and make sure that the computer's dns servers have not been reconfigured from being set to you ISP's DNS servers or your router's.

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