I am getting extremely angry with Zone Labs and my blasted Zone Alarm Pro v I am constanly getting Repeat Program and Changed Program verification messages and some of them actually have the Remember This box still checked! Also I will get both of these @#(& messages when the supposedly offending program is RUNNING. Heaven forbid I should restart my computer.You know, I paid for my Zone Alarm Pro and have paid to get my upgrades/updates. So now Zone Labs has decided that they are just too %^#ned important to provide a tech support. Or have they just deicided that the people that purchase this program are too lowly to communicate with. Well, it is quite possible that this low life will move to someone that cares about it's customers. It also use to be that when the program downloaded new signatures, or what ever they are called, it would also download upgrades to the program. I really hate it when companies decide to run their company's by greed.No offense to you guys, but you are NOT technicians.

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
Software Version:5.x